[FAQ] Can’t Connect to Helios from Personal Computer

If you have Windows 10 on your personally-owned computer and originally set it up with your Microsoft Account, and successfully connect to campus with VPN but still cannot connect to Helios; you may need to explicitly define a Windows Credential for connecting to Helios:

  1. Click on the Windows Button and search for “Credential Manager.” A Control Panel app should be found.  Click it.
  2. Make sure you are looking at Windows Credentials (1) by clicking on it.  Then click on “Add a Windows Credential” (2):
  3. Enter “helios.potsdam.edu” in the network address field.  Enter “SPOT\<username>” where “<username>” is your Camus Computer Account username, e.g., smith123:

    Entering your password is optional.  If you do not enter your password, you will be prompted for it the next time you connect to Helios.
  4. A reboot may be necessary.

Once you have created this credential, you should be able to connect to Helios from your personal computer via VPN from off campus, or over WiFi while on campus.