It’s “Tap-and-Go”…

It’s also called "PayPass" or "contactless processing."  For years now you have been able to swipe your own credit or debit card when paying a merchant.  A few years ago they came out with contactless processing.  With the right card, you just have to hold your card on the reader and–assuming the transaction is approved–you have paid.  That’s it!

Unfortunately, whoever programs these units here in the North Country has no idea what he or she is doing.  The only place I’ve been at which these units work properly is McDonald’s.  At every other place that has them I have to tap, then select debt or credit, decide if I want cash back, etc.  This defeats the whole purpose of having the contactless option.
The consoles still offer you the ability to swipe your card.  They have to, as not all cards work with the contactless reader.  If you want those options, such as cash back, then you can always swipe and go through all that rigamarole.  But if you have a card that supports it and you don’t need any of those options, then you should be able to just tap-and-go.
It’s such a simple thing.  Why can’t they get this right?