Keeseville Stereoscopes

When my parents moved into their home, built for and previously occupied by my father’s parents, they found some things that had been left by my grandmother when she moved to Boston.  Among them were some stereoscope cards.  They appear to date from the mid- to late-1800s and have handwritten notes on the back.  I have scanned them and done some digital enhancement.  I will attempt to transcribe the notes as best I can.

before 1876
After 1871 before 1877
Right Side:
Dr. L. B. Cummings Office
Store building with window
Mathews Store
Next: McGuire’s Hotel
Keeseville Bank Built 1871
Left Side:
Large stone building, Mathew House (originally Thompson’s – 1st Bank of Essex County)
Next: Mcguire’s Store
Across river: stone building was parking house of Nail Works (now Grange Hall)
Upper building: The Ausable House which burned in 1871
after 1871, before 1877
E. Kinglsand’s Residence, Keeseville, N.Y. (Edmund)
1871 to 1876
Austin Bigelow House Underground RR
Congregational Church built 1853
Keeseville Nat. Bank 1871
Arch Bridge 1842
Mould Block 1868
Building on right side of bridge: McGuire’s Hotel
E. Kingsland’s House Keeseville N. Y.
Corner of Pleasant + Main St.
Later Hopkins Daverns
Ausable Horse Nail Works, Keeseville
(Eagle Horse Nail Works, old name of co.)
Big house in center of picture, Kingsland Home
Later McAuley Academy (Sister of Mercy)
Before 1876
Mould Block built 1868
Replacing the one that burn in 1867
Before 1877
Before 1882
Most of these buildings (in) lower part of picture burned (in) fire Aug 16 – 1882
Keeseville before 1877
The Academy building built in 1835
Large stone building (3 stories high) near center of picture: The Tannery operated by Mose (sic) Gordon
Main Street near Vine
Before 1877
1st large building on the left: Association Hall
2nd stone building: The Mathew (Thompson) House built in 1832. Destroyed in 1937
Large building in center of picture: The Ausable House built in 1847 – burned 1877
Covered Bridge, Keeseville Built 18__ fell in winter of 187_
Peers (sic) under bridge originally supported a lower bridge.
1st building below bridge at right, grist mill.
Left side – Iron Works
before 1882
Stone church built 1853
Arch bridge 1842
Low long building right side of bridge, McGuire’s Hotel, burn in the fire of 1882 – Aug 16
Sept. 14 1884
After 1877 before 1882
Buildings at head of the street, Large one Mathews Store, hardware, stores etc.
Small one Dr. L. B. Cummings Office
Ruins of the fire at Keeseville, NY Apl 9, 1876
Albert Sampson father made all the street lamps in Keeseville
The white house Luther Whitney home on Front St.
After 1868
about 1877
1st store Hopkins New Drug Store
The church on the corner burn in 1878
Smith store today
building built in 1876-77
Man without hat: Nathanial Boynton
Upper Kingsland Block, sight (sic) of A.P. store today
Same store as Smith store today
Before 1871
Sticker: View of the Arch Bridge, No. 8 over the Ausable River in Keeseville. Span 92 feet. By H. S. Tousley, Keeseville, N. Y.