Disney Vacation Day 1

We got in very late to the Contemporary Resort.  By the time we had unwound, unpacked, and turned in, it was about 2:30 A. M.  We had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickey’s for 7:30, so that meant about 4 hours of sleep.

We got up and had breakfast.  Having reviewed the schedules for the four theme parks, we decided that today would be Animal Kingdom day.  After breakfast we boarded the bus from our hotel and arrived at Animal Kingdom shortly after the park opened.  We hit Kali River Rapids first (after buying some hats and sunscreen) and got soaked, which kept us cool most of the rest of the morning.  We took the safari tour, the walking tour through the forest, went to Conservation Station (train!), had an AMAZING lunch at the Rainforest Café, the Primeval Whirl roller coaster in Dinoland, the Bugs Life show in the theatre under the Tree of Life, Dinosaur, the “time travel” odyssey, The Lion King show which was absolutely incredible, and lastly, Expedition Everest, which is one hell of a roller coaster.

We left the park around 7, despite there still being 2 “magic hours” left to which we were entitled.  But all the food places had closed and we hadn’t had dinner yet.  (Did I mention how amazing lunch was?)

We took the bus back to the hotel where Amanda and Kyle decided to relax.  But Brady any I weren’t done yet, not by a long shot!  No, the Magic Kingdom was open until midnight!  Off we went, taking the Monorail the “long way” around the lagoon.  (They don’t let you ride in the nose with the pilot anymore–a pilot died in a collision between two monorails about 10 years ago.  They won’t tell you this, but it’s not a secret.)  Main Street USA was already lining with folks getting ready for either the fireworks, the Electrical Parade, or both.  We didnt care about either of those things (we’ll see them later) and so made a beeline for “It’s A Small World,” which is one of my favorite rides.  Brady grudgingly accompanied me (he’s a good sport).  We left there intending to make our way to Tomorrowland.  On the way we passed a LIttle Mermaid ride, which I just HAD to take.  Brady once again indulged me.  But my wanting a picture with Ariel was just too much for him, and so he waited outside while I did that.  After that I found him quickly and we made our way to Tomorrowland as planned.  The Disney App indicated that Space Mountain was temporarily offline, so we rode the Wedway Peoplemover.  After that we got some ice cream and wandered back into Fantasyland to see the fireworks.  By then Space Mountain was running again and so we got in line for that.

And now here I am sitting in the Contempo Café enjoying my 24×7 refillable mug and typing this post.

Time for bed!  I am exhausted.  Happy, but exhausted.

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