Review: Billy’s Deli

Billy’s Deli is now open in Potsdam.  It’s where The Fields coffeehouse was.  Enter on Main Street next to the fair trade store.  The stories I’ve seen in the local paper say they are touting fresh, local products for their sandwiches.

The first thing I noticed is that BOTH entrance doors now work!  They didn’t before.  And the "Please Use Other Door" sticker is still on the door.  (I’m a stickler for this.  I’ve never looked it up, but I’m pretty sure that having one of two exit doors blocked is a fire code violation.)

The second thing I noticed is the decor.  They brightened up the place and got rid of the old service counter.  I can’t say it’s an improvement.  But I’m old-fashioned and really liked the way The Fields looked and felt.  This is a highly subjective point, however.

FRIENDLY!  They are really excited and enthusiastic about being open.  Customer service is awesome!

My tastes are simple.  I ordered a "sub"–heavy mayo, roast beef, and extra Swiss cheee.  That’s it.  That’s all I want.  I got it.  And it was delicious!  The kitchen/prep area is clean. 

I’ve only been there once so far and only had that one thing.  Will I go back?  Most likely.  But I have to say this: the deli at the IGA has larger subs with more "stuff" (meat/cheese) for less money, and my taste buds don’t have a preference (based on this one visit to Billy’s).

Your mileage will vary.  I encourage you to try them out!

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