It’s like someone took the pilot for a proposed TV series and stretched it out to make a movie.  You know what happens when you stretch something?  It gets THIN.  That’s a great word to describe this movie. 

David is a "Jumper", and after having discovered his ability and Jumped around for a few years, he discovers he’s not the only one.  As I write this, I realize just how much of a rip-off of Highlander the basic premise is.  These Jumpers are stalked by Paladins.  However, unlike the Watchers from the Highlander series (TV), these Paladins are spiritually self-righteous and are intent on destroying the Jumpers by any means possible.  And they have some pretty impressive means.

That’s pretty much it.  The movie’s predictable, and lays the foundation for a possible sequel, but would make an "OK" TV series.  I don’t predict either will come to fruition.

If you decide to see this movie, wait for DVD.  The popcorn’s cheaper that way.

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