Bracing For Travel

It’s been almost 3 weeks since my accident. I’ve gotten used to the brace and am walking as normally as possible. Things take a little longer, but I’m rarely in a hurry anyhow.

Amanda and I are on our way to Vermont to help a friend celebrate his birthday. We are having dinner at the Trapp Family Lodge and spending the night in a hotel in Burlington. Tomorrow we will stop in Keeseville to see Mom on our way home.

Amanda found some activewear khaki pants that are baggy enough to fit over the brace and have the bonus feature of zippers on the legs just above the knee that let you remove the lower leg and turn them into shorts. This means I can adjust/reposition the brace without having to take off the pants!

Next week I will get instructions on how to start stretching and exercising the muscle I damaged. I am looking forward to the recovery process, but know I will probably limp on and favor that leg for at least the rest of the year. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be one of those folks who can predict the weather with my “trick knee”!

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