A Day In The Life – Birthday Edition

Yesterday was my 55th birthday.  It was not remarkable as days go.  As a birthday, I think the most significant thing it represents is that my health insurance plan is now “portable.”  Some day when I elect to leave the service of the State of New York, I will be able to keep my health insurance coverage for a very reasonable premium.  While I have no plans, that is a nice thing to have tucked in the back of my brain.

Here’s how my day went:

Woke at 7:00am. Slept reasonably well.

  • Shower and dress.
  • Feed cats.
  • Breakfast: Eggs, toast, sausage, coffee
  • Watched a YouTube video


  • Empty/fill dishwasher
  • Organize recyclables
  • Get/read mail
  • Put plow on truck
  • Open birthday cards/present
  • Watch TV with Amanda


  • Key Bank, Plattsburgh – withdraw some cash in anticipation of needing some in the next few days.
  • Plattsburgh Spring – I realized not long ago that Dad’s plow did not have “feet” to keep it from digging into ground if it runs off the pavement.  I picked some up along with a power port adapter that “splits” the single port the truck has into 2, along with 2 USB-A ports and a USB-C port. 
  • Barber.  I recently learned that the spot where I got my very first haircut from a barber was once again a barber shop!  I decided I’d treat myself, even though there’s not much for anyone to really do with what little is left of my hair.  I walked in to Minglewood Barber Shop and a tiny wave of nostalgia hit me.  I remember Red Badger, my barber.  I could picture my Dad in his chair reaching under the smock and into his pocket to get me a penny for the gumball machine by the door (he always had one!).  I looked around at the artifacts on the counter–the owner was a collector of antique shaving things.  There was an antique couch which seemed a little out of place.  But it sure smelled like a barber shop!  My nostalgia bubble was abruptly burst by the barber asking me if I had an appointment.  I wasn’t quite sure how to answer that.  This was a barber shop–barber shops don’t “do” appointments!  You show up, park your butt in a chair if one is available, and you wait your turn while you listen to the local gossip and/or politics.  There are no “appointments”!  I said I didn’t have an appointment.  He looked at his phone and said he didn’t have anything for the rest of the week.  I said something like, “too bad…” and left.  Call me a grumpy old man and I won’t care, but I won’t be going back.
  • Auto Zone – One of the windshield wipers on the truck was starting to scrape.  I replaced it.  Remember when auto parts stores had books where you could look up your make and model and be told which wiper or oil filter you needed?  Those are gone.  You’d better have a smart phone and trust their QR codes and look it up on your phone.  Or ask at the counter.
  • Kinney Drugs – Picked up COVID test kits.  Amanda tested positive on Christmas.  I’ve had no symptoms, but want to be sure as we have plans for New Year’s Eve that don’t involve staying home!

11:00am – Home

  • Remove plow from truck
  • Lunch/TV Show
  • COVID test (negative)


  • Basement organizing


  • Visit Mom


Home to relax, watch TV with Amanda, and play a few games on my phone.


It was a nice day.  Weather-wise it was completely dreary, which is why I spent the last part of it indoors.  I would much rather have been doing some things outdoors.  Like yard work.  Yes, yard work!  If it hadn’t been raining, it would actually have been a great day to work on ridding our property of more leaves.  Whoever though I’d be saying such a thing in late December?!

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  1. Love to hear your reflections! Feel it brings us closer. Hope your holidays and birthday were good and that the end of this year brings you good health and happiness. Live Marilyn

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